Our Mission

In 2009 we started making jewelry for men however quickly realized that women wanted to wear it as well but what we learned was that men seemed to not want to ever take their bracelets off and damaged them more frequently then women. So we knew we needed to source the best materials that were durable to withstand anything.

We also prided ourselves in a low percentage of damaged or returned pieces because our focus was quality. With each piece being made locally in Miami, FL we stand for quality, sustainability and guaranteeing our product so that you never have to worry about what you’re getting.

Our concerns for the environment and sustainability grew so we make sure nothing goes to waste and everything can be repurposed.

However we also created a re-plating program in 2022 for all of our jewelry so you can renew them and wear it for a lifetime without any concerns. Our collections are designed to continue adding to them and are timeless its the opposite of fast fashion its an investment in a piece you want to keep forever and by doing so we are reducing waste in the enviroment. We offer a one year warranty on all our of pieces if anything breaks due to a defect we will repair it or replace it of no charge so you don't have to worry.