Jewerly care

Our matte black and gunmetal pieces are extremely durable and should last a lifetime however to preserve longevity of the cord, we recommend avoiding sharp objects, swimming, bathing, and excessive sweating.

Our gold plated pieces, we recommend avoiding swimming, bathing, and excessive sweating to ensure longevity.

Gold plated jewelry needs some more care because of the layer of gold that adheres to the metal base is thinner then solid gold jewelry, We use the highest quality plating that has 2.5 microns of gold which is more then most use however in order to ensure longevity of your gold plated pieces we recommend avoiding perfume or cologne, sunscreen, moisturizers, soap, and any other chemical like the chlorine in the pool is the worst for plated jewelry.

All of these can cause a chemical reaction and cause it to break down sooner.
Also keep in mind everyone skin reacts differently to plating and some may have allergies which is why we have invested in a clear coat on top of our plated pieces to protect them so they are hypoallergenic and won’t cause irritation to the skin.

Fun Fact: To clean brass jewelry use ketchup. You can just use a paper towel put ketchup all of the satin gold or brass pieces and rinse well with water and let it dry. It becomes like new.