We designed our first HÜES bracelet after seeing a greek Komboskini bracelet a friend was wearing and got completely inspired by it.

Komboskini (Greek: κομποσχοίνι) is a traditional style bracelet dating back to the 5th century. They are a symbol of spirituality and religion, and used and made by Christian Monks as a prayer tool. They are imported from Panagia Soumela Monastery in Northern Greece. Each piece is special and unique due to it’s handmade quality.

We started with the knot bracelets which are in the shop section under classics. We used a waxed cotton cord which looks like leather but soft enough to knot and played off the concept and expanded it.
The HÜES brand is identified by the waxed cotton cord and some metal as we use it in most of our collections. We love to add a pop of color throughout the season a charm or some beads.
October 07, 2022 — Kelly Hughes